Boost your skills with Co-op Young Members’ Group 

The recent crisis has hit our communities hard and we know young people stand to be the most affected.  We in the Co-op Young Members’ Group have been working with young people across the UK throughout the crisis,  listening to what you’re struggling with and exploring ways that we and Co-op can help.    

We’ve designed a programme called BOOST that reflects the priorities you highlighted, so  here’s loads of  FREE  opportunities running to the end of September to  build your confidence, support your wellbeing and get your mojo back.   

From online seminars to podcasts, online get-togethers and playbooks, we’ve worked with Co-op  to get you access to spaces, ideas  and people  that can help you get back on track. Check out our calendar of activity for all of the online events and sessions you can take part in. 

We all like something  for our  CV  don’t we?  So,  if you  get involved in our seminars or events, we’ll send you something to celebrate what you achieve.  

Attend our informal online seminars via Zoom (some of these will be running twice): 

Bouncing back – Resilience & Wellbeing: 

Highly resilient people are better able to cope with challenging situations, be appropriately honest about their thoughts and feelings and can experience less stress. Personal wellbeing is known to contribute to higher resilience levels. Led by a Co-op wellbeing expert, this session encourages personal growth through reflection on situations that cause stress, and individual responses to these situations.

Tuesday 25 August 11am – 12.15pm or Monday 21 September 5pm – 6pm 

Together not alone! Tackling Youth Loneliness – part of the Co-operative College Online Youth Series: 

Loneliness affects us all, but it impacts young people more than others, especially during this year’s lockdown. This session delivered by the Co-operative College provides a safe space for young people to discuss the causes and consequences of loneliness as well as solutions, coping strategies and some light relief through fun, games and good company! Whether or not it affects you personally, share your thoughts and feelings on the subject that is so often overlooked for young people. 

Tuesday 25 August 1.30 – 3pm – Please note this is an external event hosted by the Co-operative College so needs to be booked onto separately here – Sign up here.

What do you believe in? Understanding your values 

This session should help you when figuring out what you stand for. Your values and personal principles are key to guiding you in the future. At the end of this session you will be able to complete a self-assessment and explore how you can use your values when making decisions such as who you work for or what you support.  

Thursday 3 September 6pm – 7.15pm or Tuesday 22 September 6pm – 7.15pm.

Making a difference – Co-operating in the community: 

This session will introduce you to what working in the community looks like, whilst looking at the different job roles that exist in Community at Co-op. Hear from Co-op experts about their experiences working in community roles and hear their top tips on getting involved and learning new skills through supporting your community.

Tuesday 8 September 6pm – 7.15pm.

Seizing opportunities and developing yourself – a panel with young co-operators:  

Hear from some members of our Co-op Young Members’ Group and other young co-operators discussing how important it is to seize opportunities on your journey to self-development. Hear their stories and have the chance to pose your own questions to the panel too.   

Thursday 10 September 6pm – 7.15pm.  

An intro to CV & Interviews 

This introductory session aims to help you when creating CV’s and preparing for job interviews. If you already have a CV we’ll help give it a boost. If you don’t have one, we’ll help you get started. This session aims to help you to take your skills, knowledge and experience and make the most of it when you look an apprenticeship, college, university or job interviews.

Thursday 17 September 6pm – 7.15pm or Tuesday 29 September 6pm – 7.15pm  

Feeling good – a resilience soundtrack session: 

Join us for a fun and informal discussion to explore how we support our wellbeing, with a focus on bringing young people together in an open and honest space to share tips and your own resilience music playlists to help you feel good.   

Thursday 24 September 6pm – 7.15pm.

Strapped for time or not keen on attending something? You can still benefit from joining our Boost club where we will share podcasts, playlists and links to other external resources to help you learn – even if you just have five minutes to spare. We’ve covered a range of topics including how to learn virtually, developing a growth mindset and the courage to experiment and fail. 

Sign up and get involved in everything or pick and choose what looks good for you, it’s your call.  

Della, Marek, Lewis, Saul, Deirdre
Co-op Young Members’ Group