Following the announcement of our financial results last week we’ve published our full report and accounts which give a full review of how we performed last year.  The report and accounts are received by members at our Annual General Meeting which takes place on Saturday 20 May in Manchester. Later this month we’ll be sending […]

5 Reasons to Love Dishwashing It can be quite relaxing once you get into it. There’s great satisfaction in a clean kitchen. You always have plenty of plates and glasses for guests who turn up un-expectantly. standing up to do the dishes actually has health benefits – much more than sitting down watching TV. You […]

Guide to Smart TV

Gone are the days when buying a TV simply meant choosing which size you wanted. As technology has advanced so has the range and choice. Most TVs look very similar however they can vary in technology and the at home viewing experience they deliver. For many people this increase in choice is more confusing than […]

1 – Strictly Clean Dishes – Put on some tunes and have a little dance. 2 –  Challenge yourself – How quick can you wash all your dishes? 3 – Soap it up – Wash up while watching Corrie or your favourite soap. 4 – Make it a game – Think of loading the dishwasher as the adult version […]

In the UK we waste food, which has been estimated to equate to £60 a month. According to LoveFoodHateWaste one of the main reasons for this is that we don’t use it in time. However technology could be here to help… The right temperature and ideal humidity conditions help fresh food stay fresh which is something we […]

Loath Ironing?

Five Reasons to Love Ironing It’s actually very relaxing once you get going Ironing counts as exercise as half an hour is equivalent to one sixth of an exercise class That sense of satisfaction when the ironing pile has gone The feeling of putting on freshly ironed clothes You’ve got the ultimate ironing gadget – […]

Ironing - Hot off the Press

Letting off steam – Create an environment where you can maximise the relaxing effects of ironing Ironing bored – Set yourself time trials as you iron to make it more engaging Crease you up – Take your mind off what you’re doing by getting engrossed in a comedy box set Pressed for time? – Catch up on your latest […]