Our first member-designed wine will hit the shelves soon. Here’s how our members co-created it.

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There’s still time to Shape your Community, comment here with your questions about how you think our Co-op can make a difference in your community.

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We’re sharing data on the money we’ve given to local causes through our Local Community Fund. We want to be open about where our members’ money is going and let others see the projects that Co-op members have supported.

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So how are we doing so far this year?
Well if you’re reading this and you’re a member of our Co-op then it’s good news.

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Our Co-op has agreed to give a £50,000 donation to Co-operatives UK’s emergency appeal – to fund co-operative development in the most affected and in-need countries. Money raised through the appeal will be distributed directly to co-operatives on the ground, through the International Co-operative Alliance.

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We’re backing Social Saturday, organised by Social Enterprise UK, because we’re proud of the great impact co-operatives and social enterprises are having in communities across the UK every day.

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CEO, Steve Murrells, addressed a gathering of co-op/mutual senior leaders from across the co-operative sector in the UK. It was the first such meeting for several years and gave the opportunity to set out the challenges facing the movement in the 21 century. Here’s what Steve had to say.

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