Today is national Anti-Slavery Day. Why does slavery need its own day? Well in the UK modern slavery is a rapidly growing criminal activity but we’re only just beginning to understand the scale of the crimes being committed. So let me tell you something about modern slavery, what we’re doing as the Co-op, and how you can help too.

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A guest blog post from Lord McColl on his Bill to increase the support victims of modern slavery receive from 45 days to a year.

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Modern Slavery graphic

Our Co-op has a proud history of leading the way on ethical trade – it’s a proud tradition that we began with the Rochdale Pioneers and continues to the present day.  We’ve focused on preventing modern slavery in our supply chains and have campaigned for reporting by businesses of the steps they have taken to […]

Today we announced the launch our Bright Future programme which will help integrate victims of the UK modern slave trade back into communities. In a bid to tackle what Prime Minister Theresa May has described as the great human rights issue of our time, we will be providing jobs for known victims and will be raising […]

Rachel Machin finds out how Paul Gerrard, Group Policy Director, is working closely with the Member Council to bring the “ethical heart” back to our business. Five minutes into my conversation with Paul Gerrard and we’ve already hot-footed around subjects as diverse as nuns, medieval history, the Civil Service, and the fact he’s a “complete softie,” […]