Member pioneer Luke Cashin explains why, and how, Co-op colleagues are encouraging little acts of Christmas spirit in stores across the country.

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Alex Norris MP shares how you can lobby your MP to vote for a change in the law, protecting shop workers (like Co-op colleagues) from violence and abuse.

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This morning’s terrible news from the Finsbury Park Mosque has added to the sense of unease and uncertainty that has already descended on the nation this summer. We’re still coming to terms with the terror attacks at the Manchester Arena and London Bridge; the numbers of missing, presumed dead, from the Grenfell fire has just […]

They say the big moments in life can be filled with both sorrow and joy and that’s just how it felt yesterday afternoon. We announced that our Co-op Group CEO Richard Pennycook is to stand down and our current Co-op Food CEO Steve Murrells is to be his successor I’ve worked closely with both Richard and […]

Hopefully you’ve heard about SORTEDFood? They’re the world’s most engaged YouTube cooking channel with the online community and we’re partnering with them to help us overcome the cooking skills gap – particularly with millennials. Before I explain more what this is all about, I thought I’d share with you their Christmas greetings to everyone at […]

Lara Wilson catches up with one of our newest Member Nominated Directors (MNDs), Margaret Casely-Hayford. I was sitting next to Margaret at our AGM when she heard she’d been elected. She was genuinely surprised and excited when the results were announced. I later found out that on the way there, she’d been consoled by her husband that she probably […]

2016 has been a year full of expectation, change and progress. Rachel Woodman, Group Transformation Director, takes Rachel Machin behind the scenes of this change to find that although we’ve scaled many mountains (something she loves doing literally in her personal life), we’ve still got a few big ones to conquer as we rebuild the […]

Just like Sir Alan Sugar, the Co-op appreciates the importance of apprentices, but unlike the TV entrepreneur we don’t have one place available – we have hundreds. As we operate at the heart of thousands of communities we understand why employment is key to the success of many neighbourhoods. This year we have piloted a […]

Rachel Machin finds out how Paul Gerrard, Group Policy Director, is working closely with the Member Council to bring the “ethical heart” back to our business. Five minutes into my conversation with Paul Gerrard and we’ve already hot-footed around subjects as diverse as nuns, medieval history, the Civil Service, and the fact he’s a “complete softie,” […]