Co-op Member Pioneer pouring coffee for a community group

We’ve partnered with Social Enterprise UK to celebrate and increase support for social enterprises – businesses that trade for a social or environmental purpose. Ed Powell, Partnerships Manager, explains how you can get involved.

500 word approx. 3-4 minutes to read.

Students from Co-op Academy Failsworth visited one of our British farmers, Huntapac Produce, to find out exactly what goes into a Co-op carrot (or parsnip, or cabbage). Operations Director, Will Hunter, tells us more.

500 words approx. 2-3 minutes to read.

Student of Co-op Academy Swinton

When you buy select Co-op products and services you’re supporting a business that funds good things like Co-op Academy schools. Principal, Mark Harrison shares how students at Co-op Academy Swinton benefit.

408 words approx. 2 minutes to read

We’re partnering with Veg Power and ITV to help tackle the UK’s biggest health challenge. Cathryn, Head of Food Policy, explains how you can get involved.

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Out-going CEO of Co-op Academies Trust shares advice for candidates applying for his former role

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Co-op academies apprenticeships

Connell Sixth Form College is the first college in the UK to offer students part-time, paid work placements as part of their studies.

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President of our National Members’ Council, Nick Crofts shares great news from Co-op Academy of Manchester #TheCoopWay

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