Chief Membership Officer, Matt thanks our Co-op Members because together we’ve raised an amazing amount for local causes #TheCoopWay

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Co-op Group CEO, Steve Murrells shares more about the 4,000 local causes that have just become part of the Local Community Fund #TheCoopWay

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Find out how Co-op Members are helping more children and young people with improved community spaces featured in our TV ad

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Our Food Share scheme is reducing food waste across the UK

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On Trak gives young lads an opportunity to learn new skills. Co-op Member, Charlene explains how they’ve helped bring the community together thanks to the support of Co-op Members and why she chose to support them.

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Lavendon Village Hall shares how the Co-op’s Local Community Fund has helped them bring together socially isolated and hard of hearing residents.

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Co-op Members have helped The National Coastwatch Institute build safer communities in South Wales by using their Co-op Membership card. Phil explains the difference it’s made to their cause.

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