Find out how Co-op Members are helping more children and young people with improved community spaces featured in our TV ad

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Hear from our Co-op Member Charlene on why she chose On Trak as her local cause. On Trak gives young lads an opportunity to learn new skills.

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Lavendon Village Hall shares how the Co-op’s Local Community Fund has helped them bring together socially isolated and hard of hearing residents.

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Co-op Members have helped The National Coastwatch Institute build safer communities in South Wales by using their Co-op Membership card. Phil explains the difference it’s made to their cause.

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Members’ shopping has kick started the transformation of Ramsgate’s Craft Club at Thanet Community Development Trust.

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We’ve just refitted the mock-up Co-op shop at the DangerPoint safety centre in North Wales, helping local kids learn about personal safety and life skills.

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The Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation is building stronger communities through sport with the support of Co-op’s Local Community Fund

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