Throughout January, members have been joining in to share with us their thoughts on what more Co-op can be doing to make their communities safer places to live, work and play, as we work with them to shape our future community programme.

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With members’ direction and support, Co-op is back in the life insurance market, having launched a new term life product, with the promise of more new life products to come.
Head of Products, Mark explains more.

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Rebecca Birkbeck shares how Co-op Members are helping shape our future community strategy about how integral cooperation is to making things happen in communities.

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Rebecca, Director Community Engagement, explains how Co-op Members have been amongst the first to explore a new tool that we’ve created to measure wellbeing in communities throughout the UK.

Young members joined in to tell us – the Co-op Young Members’ Group – how they accessed their news and what they like to hear about, to help the Co-op look afresh at how and what we communicate to young members.

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Over 4,000 members have joined in and helped us test the first version of our new digital offers throughout October and November, picking over 25,000 offers through the membership website and our new Co-op app. Here’s what we have learned.

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Director of Community Engagement, Rebecca shares how we’re working with our members to build stronger communities.

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