Senior Beer Buyer, Richard shares great news about the Co-op beers Co-op Members helped to shape by joining in #TheCoopWay

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Choose the toppings you want on the next Co-op Irresistible pizza

Director of Delicious Food, Breige asks Co-op Members to join in and help create our next Co-op Irresistible Pizza #TheCoopWay

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Join in #TheCoopWay completed shopping habits survey opportunity

25,000 Co-op Members, more than ever before, joined in #TheCoopWay to tell us all about how they shop so we can better tailor our offer.

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Co-op Foundation invests in communities

Over 1,000 Co-op Members joined in #TheCoopWay to tell the Co-op Foundation what matters to their communities. Now, we’re trialing a new way of investing in local groups with their own revenue-generating projects, to help them grow their long-term income.

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Cathryn, Head of Food Policy shares how thousands of Co-op Members have already joined in with the first stage of our journey to help reduce waste.

Find out how you can Join In #TheCoopWay

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Head of Travel Insurance for Co-op Insurance shares how Co-op Members helped shape our all-new Co-op travel insurance #TheCoopWay

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Sarah from our Wine team shares how Co-op Members Joined In #TheCoopWay to help create a brand new label for our exclusive Covanegra wine

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