Results, AGM motions and member participation; your elected members, Adrienne and Sam explain what happened at our latest National Members’ Council meeting.

425 words approx. 2.5 minutes to read. 

Co-op Group CEO Steve shares our 2017 Annual Results and what this means for communities around the UK #TheCoopWay

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Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week, Member Nominated Director, Hazel Blears talks about apprenticeships #TheCoopWay.

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Paul, one of our Member Nominated Directors shares exciting news and why our Co-op is backing Fairtrade.

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“What a great start to the year we’ve had”; Nick Crofts,
President of the Members’ Council, shares his first update of 2018.

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There’s still time to Shape your Community, comment here with your questions about how you think our Co-op can make a difference in your community.

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So how are we doing so far this year?
Well if you’re reading this and you’re a member of our Co-op then it’s good news.

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