Results, AGM motions and member participation; your elected members, Adrienne and Sam explain what happened at our latest National Members’ Council meeting.

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At the Co-op we’re different because we’re owned by our members. That’s why each year if you’ve spent over £250 or more in our Food stores or purchased a product from one of our other businesses we’ll ask you to have a say and take part in our Annual General Meeting (or AGM for short.) […]

Nick Crofts, The Co-op Member Council President, shares his thoughts, “I for one am still feeling the passion and enthusiasm of both colleagues and members following our AGM. The mood at Manchester Central was simply breath-taking. But things don’t stop, so I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to… We’re all acutely aware of the important role that colleagues working […]

Nick Crofts, The Co-operative Member Council President shares his thoughts following this month’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). “What a phenomenal AGM we had last Saturday. There were 750 people in the main conference hall at Manchester Central and the same number again watching live online. And, unusually for any AGM, at one point #CoopAGM was […]

A special blog, from Richard, our Co-op Group CEO “Today, after many months of hard work and planning, our journey back to Being Co-op has begun. Here’s what we announced to our members at the AGM in Manchester. The enthusiasm from nearly a thousand members in the room as we made the big announcements was […]

The Co-op AGM 2016

You may have heard, we’re hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 21st May at Manchester Central Convention Centre and we’d love it if you came in person, or online. What’s an AGM? Usually a company’s AGM is where shareholders and bosses come together to discuss the results of the last year and the priorities for the next. At the […]