Creating safer communities and building a Co-op that cares about everyone’s future as much as its own. Council president, Nick, shares an update on our retail crime campaign, looks at our 2018 highlights and what to expect in 2019 from the Members Council.

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Michelle, Co-op Member Pioneer, and Margaret, Co-op Member Nominated Director, recently discussed the impact Member Pioneers have in our local communities and what excites them about our Co-op and its future.

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A Co-op caring for the future. Your elected members, Zach and Rebecca explain what happened at our latest National Members’ Council meeting #TheCoopWay.

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With the party political conference season underway, we’re drawing attention to the significance of social enterprise.

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council member meeting

Nick, President of the National Members’ Council, shares how you can help our National Members’ Council make a difference to our Co-op #TheCoopWay

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Co-op ‘Join in Live’ events are launching in September. Find out how you can attend and make a real difference to your Co-op and your community

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Adrienne, an elected National Members’ Council representative shares how our Community Space in Shoreham has been feeding local kids this summer when they can’t get free school meals

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