The last month has seen devastating floods in Southeast Asia and hurricanes across the Caribbean. The loss of life and destruction of homes and infrastructure is heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine what these people are going through. Charities like the International Red Cross are on the ground providing food, shelter and medical care, but the […]

At the Co-op, we are proud to be a very different kind of business – a co-operative that champions a better way of doing business for you and your community. There are lots of other co-ops and social enterprises that share a similar view. So we’re backing Social Saturday, organised by Social Enterprise UK, because […]

As a Co-op Member, you have a say in the things we do and how we are run. One way members can have their say is through our new Shape your Community events, run by our National Members’ Council. There are 20 of these events happening across the country over the next few months, for members and […]

Our Co-op is at the heart of the communities we serve, so when it comes to launching new Co-op Food stores or Funeral Homes, the Property team’s involvement starts well before our stores and funeral homes are even open. Hazard Alley While building Bodmin Place’s new Co-op in Milton Keynes, our New Stores Team were […]

I have been a volunteer for the British Red Cross since I was 16. I’ve covered areas such as first aid, emergency response, and crisis education and now I’ve taken on a new role as a Community Connector. In January 2016 I was a passenger in a friend’s car when we were hit by a […]

My name’s Kristina and I’m a Member Pioneer in Rochdale. I’ve always been involved with my local community and love raising money for charity, so being a Member Pioneer is an amazing opportunity for me to do more. I really want to bring people together. We can achieve so much when we put our mind […]

I’m Abimbola, a Member Pioneer in York. Being involved in the community comes naturally to me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. So, getting an opportunity to build bridges between Co-op and my local community is amazing. I’m here to do my best to revive community spirit and make people understand that helping one […]