We’ve opened our first new shop of 2018 – in Rhayader, Wales. It’s the first of over 100 new stores and 150 renovations we’ll do this year. Find out about our 2018 plans and how you can get involved as a Co-op Member.

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Today we welcome the exciting news that the Government has accepted the recommendations in the Call to Action report we co-produced as members of the Jo Cox Commission to tackle loneliness.

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Find out what we learned about Co-op Members helping other members with life changes and some of life’s challenges.

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To mark Local Charities Day, we’re publishing our Psychology of Giving Report, including some results you may find interesting.

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Co-op Member, Richard explains how his suggestion led to a new Co-op store opening in his local community.

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Co-op Group CEO Steve shares his thoughts on co-operative values in a Digital Age.

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We’re sharing data on the money we’ve given to local causes through our Local Community Fund. We want to be open about where our members’ money is going and let others see the projects that Co-op members have supported.

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