An update on our efforts to make all Co-op food packaging easy to recycle.

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Co-op has been at the forefront of Fairtrade for twenty years and it’s been amazing to see how Fairtrade has grown into a worldwide movement in such a short time. Sales continue to grow and Co-op is proud of the role we have played. Our list of accomplishments over the years goes on and on […]

In a first for UK retailers, from May 2017, all the cocoa we buy for our Co-op own brand products will be Fairtrade. It means that when you pick up a Co-op chocolate cake or a packet of biscuits you will know that the cocoa has been bought on Fairtrade terms. This is in addition to […]

Today we unveiled our new tuna sourcing policy, going further with our commitment to sustainable fishing and extending these expectations to the brands we stock too. As well as being pole and line caught, our tuna comes from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries or those part of a fisheries improvement project (FIP). We’ve extended this policy […]

We know that finding vegan food conveniently can be a challenge, so to celebrate Veganuary we’ve pulled together some pointers on the options you can find in your local Co-op. It’s not just hummous and carrot sticks – you can also find vegan wines, new ready meals, doughnuts and dairy-free milk. On Co-op own brand products, […]

We’ve hit our target to redistribute one million meals to good causes this year. But in true Co-op style, we’ve decided to do much more, and have pledged another 100,000 meals to good causes in the run-up to Christmas. We do this by donating surplus chilled food items (yoghurt, meat, fruit, vegetables and ready meals) […]

This week we launched our latest convenience report which looks at recycling, an issue that’s close to our members’ heart. It sets out our ambition to have 80% of our packaging recyclable by 2020 and we call on other retailer to follow our lead on developing new packaging and working with local authorities to improve […]