Members have been joining us on our mission to make insurance clear and simple, to help them make the right choices when buying insurance. We know that insurance buying can be complex, so we’re looking at how we can do something uniquely open and co-operative. We have come up with 20 measures that we thought […]

Our local food team has been on a quest to find out which locally-made goodies get members grazing. We asked members to share their knowledge of snacks, sweets and biscuits that go down a treat where they live, as my team got cracking with our latest range review. Our eyes been opened to some delicious […]

Our work in the community has received a huge thumbs up from the members who joined in online and at workshops in Leeds and Hereford to tell us what they thought. Meanwhile, other members have been telling us all about the activity they’d like us to support and how they’d like to be involved. Online, […]

It’s been a truly mouthwatering experience! I’ve spent the last few weeks reading members’ descriptions of the delectable products made by small food producers in their communities, as they responded to our call for nominations for the small producer category of the prestigious Q Food Awards. And it’s been great to hear about some of […]

Ten members, four weeks, one challenge, to complete the Now Cook It online cookery course that we’ve cooked up with our friends at SortedFood and tell us all about their experience. The Now Cook It challenge brought together sausage burners, finger choppers and instant noodle enthusiasts – all united in a wish to take their […]

We’ve long believed it ourselves, but it was good to see hard evidence of the fact that our Co-op members are generally a more optimistic, co-operative and neighbourly bunch than your average Joe. Throughout Co-operatives Fortnight 2017 members joined in to tell us just how co-operative and neighbourly they really are, as our friends at […]

A new Co-op gin will hit stores in November and we think it’s a bit special. It’s special for a few reasons, it’s been created by the UK’s only female master gin distiller for a start, and has a truly unique flavour. But perhaps most interestingly, it’s because the final blend was selected by Co-op […]