Cathryn, Head of Food Policy shares how thousands of Co-op Members have already joined in with the first stage of our journey to help reduce waste.

Find out how you can Join In #TheCoopWay

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Head of Travel Insurance for Co-op Insurance shares how Co-op Members helped shape our all-new Co-op travel insurance #TheCoopWay

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Sarah from our Wine team shares how Co-op Members Joined In #TheCoopWay to help create a brand new label for our exclusive Covanegra wine

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We teamed up with our Co-op Young Members’ Board (CYMB) to help further explore a question it had been busy looking at – can we make young people’s lives better through Co-op Membership?

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With a full year of Join In under our belt, we thought it was about time that we asked some of the 32,000 members who have already joined in to tell us exactly what they think about the opportunities that they’ve had to influence things at their Co-op. Here’s what we learned.

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Co-op Foundation have been listening to Co-op Members about local transport to see whether they could invest in community-run transport services. Here’s what they have learnt so far.

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Co-op Members have been helping us understand more about the recommendations, endorsements and awards that they find helpful when they’re buying things. Find out what they had to say.

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