We know that many members share our passion for great wine, and are signed up to all manner of online groups, discussion boards and shops celebrating all things vino. Towards the end of last year we asked members to tell us all about the value they get from being part of these wine clubs and […]

It’s not every day that you can pick up a bottle of beer to see your very own words staring right back at you from the label. But that’s now a very real possibility for three real ale-loving members, as the new beers they tasted and fed back on hit Co-op shelves this week. The […]

In December members Joined In to tell us how we can make our ethical and sustainability reporting more relevant to them. Over 60 members rose to the challenge and provided us with some great insights, which we’ve taken away and are working through as we plan our future reporting. This is a great start, and […]

Our discussion on local real ales certainly revealed just what a passionate and knowledgeable lot our members are when it comes to local beers. We’ve been delighted with just how many members joined in to tell us about their favourite real ales and breweries from their local area, as we look to bring more local products to our […]

Just before Christmas we asked our pet-owning members to take the lead as we set out to review our pet product range. We heard from almost 400 members online, but the opportunity also provided us with a great excuse to get out to walk and talk with some of our members and their four-legged friends. […]

Throughout last autumn, hundreds of our Co-op members joined in to pass their thoughts about pizza onto our chefs. We set out on a quest to understand where members sit on the great crust debate, which toppings they love and those ingredients believed should forever be banished. 1,385 members completed our online survey and over 100 took the […]

Last summer we asked members in Holmfirth and their friends to uncork their inner wine critics to tell us what they love about our range. We gave them 6 bottles of wine to try, some tasting notes, a few surprise goodies and asked them for their feedback. We were looking to create Co-op wine reviews by real […]