With a full year of Join In under our belt, we thought it was about time that we asked some of the 32,000 members who have already joined in to tell us exactly what they think about the opportunities that they’ve had to influence things at their Co-op. Here’s what we learned.

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Co-op Foundation have been listening to Co-op Members about local transport to see whether they could invest in community-run transport services. Here’s what they have learnt so far.

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Co-op Members have been helping us understand more about the recommendations, endorsements and awards that they find helpful when they’re buying things. Find out what they had to say.

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Find out what we learned about Co-op Members helping other members with life changes and some of life’s challenges.

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Join in live on social media for a live stream drinks tasting featuring three drinks shaped by Co-op Members this year.

13 December | 6pm

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Co-op members joined in to tell us all about the venues that are at the heart of their communities, as the Co-op Foundation, set out to learn how they might support spaces like this in the future.  

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Our first member-designed wine will hit the shelves soon. Here’s how our members co-created it.

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