Clare, our Member Pioneer in Nottingham shares how she makes a difference in her community #TheCoopWay

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Co-op Member Pioneer Ambassador, Lemn Sissay shares a simple idea to help bring people together this Christmas.

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A guest blog post from Justine, a Member Pioneer in Chester, on why she signed up to become one of our Member Pioneers and the difference she wants to make in her community.

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A guest blog post from Lemn Sissay on why he jumped at the chance to become a Member Pioneer Ambassador, and why your community needs you, now more than ever.

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Kristina, our Member Pioneer in Rochdale, shares why being a Member Pioneer is an amazing opportunity for her to do more in her community.

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Abimbola, our Member Pioneer in York, shares the how she’s building bridges between Co-op and her local community.

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As you may have seen from Rufus’s blog, on 31st March we started our search for Member Pioneers. We’re looking for people who share our passion to make great things happen locally. They’ll listen & connect members, colleagues and local causes, understand what matters to them and inspire them into action, working together to do […]