More than ten years ago I first began speaking about human trafficking and modern slavery in the House of Lords. Many people had little idea what I was talking about and it seemed simply unbelievable that on our doorsteps there were women, children and men being exploited in prostitution, forced labour, domestic servitude and all […]

Yesterday I addressed a gathering of co-op/mutual senior leaders from across the co-operative sector in the UK. It was the first such meeting for several years and gave me the opportunity to set out the challenges facing the movement in the 21st century. The following is what I had to say: One of the commitments I’ve […]

As a Co-op Member, you have a say in the things we do and how we are run. One way members can have their say is through our new Shape your Community events, run by our National Members’ Council. There are 20 of these events happening across the country over the next few months, for members and […]

This month we have welcomed eight new local businesses that are now supplying over 40 new products to Co-op stores in Cumbria. This is how we’re helping small businesses with our Small Business Charter. We’ve partnered with local Cumbrian breweries; Handsome Brewery in Bowston, Eden brewery in Penrith and Stringers Brewery in Ulverston and Kendal based George […]

Over the last few decades I’ve known lots of different communities – from my early days in Wigan, and the Children’s homes I’ve lived in, to the community I found in Ethiopia, and the artistic and philanthropic communities I’m now part of. The beautiful thing is that community means lots of different things to different people. […]

Applications for the next round of funding are now closed.   When you finished your Local Community Fund online application you’ll have seen a screen, which thanked you for your application. Unfortunately, we’ve realised that a fault in the system means not all completed applications were saved. How to check your online application was received […]

My name’s Kristina and I’m a Member Pioneer in Rochdale. I’ve always been involved with my local community and love raising money for charity, so being a Member Pioneer is an amazing opportunity for me to do more. I really want to bring people together. We can achieve so much when we put our mind […]