Lemn Sissay Christmas Dinner Project

In local communities across the UK, we’re supporting Lemn Sissay’s Christmas Day dinners for care leavers, so they can have a special and fun-filled day

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Emma from Musical Connections explains how her cause helps vulnerable members of the public in their community make connections with others through a love of music. Musical Connections runs activities in residential homes and have two community choirs thanks to the support of Co-op Members #TheCoopWay

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Over 4,000 members have joined in and helped us test the first version of our new digital offers throughout October and November, picking over 25,000 offers through the membership website and our new Co-op app. Here’s what we have learned.

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Director of Community Engagement, Rebecca shares how we’re working with our members to build stronger communities.

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We’ve been travelling across the UK asking people to come along and talk about our Co-op. Find out what we heard from those who attended and all the great stuff that’s happening in Co-op.

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Co-op Christmas sandwiches have returned to the shelves and this year, when we enjoy selected festive sandwiches, together we’re helping fight modern slavery #TheCoopWay

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Dundee Bairns charity for local children

Dundee Bairns provide hungry children with free lunches throughout the summer holidays. Co-op Member, Ibrahim, explains how they’ve helped bring the community together thanks to the support of Co-op Members and why he chose to support them.

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