Co-op Group CEO Steve shares our 2017 Annual Results and what this means for communities around the UK #TheCoopWay

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Head of Travel Insurance for Co-op Insurance shares how Co-op Members helped shape our all-new Co-op travel insurance #TheCoopWay

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Co-op Group Deputy CEO Pippa Wicks explains why our Co-op is back in the classroom supporting the next generation, why we’re a leading Apprenticeship employer and how we’re going further to educate colleagues.

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We’re excited to announce today the launch of our new Co-op travel insurance which has been built with input from our Co-op Members.

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Biodegradable Paper Tea Bags

We’re working on a fully biodegradable paper tea bag, making Co-op Food the first retailer to find a solution to the problem of plastic waste caused by the nation’s favourite beverage.

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We’re investing £50 million to cut the cost of everyday food at Co-op Food. On average more than 600 products now cost 14% less with savings of up to 40% to be made.

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Co-op Group CEO Steve shares his thoughts on Brexit with the Oxford Farming Conference 2018.

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