We don’t think plant-based foods should cost more than non-vegan food. That’s why, from May 2021, we’re reducing the price of our popular GRO range to match the price of our meat and dairy-based counterparts.

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Jo Whitfield, our Food CEO, explains our compostable bag roll out, why they’re better for the planet, plus her top tips on how to use them correctly. 

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Chief Executive Jo Whitfield explains how Co-op has been working to tackle food poverty over the last year, including its ongoing support into 2021.

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Retail crime has reached epidemic proportions. We’re calling on industry, government and communities to work together to tackle the root causes of violence, not just the symptoms. Food CEO, Jo Whitfield explains more.

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We’re working on a fully biodegradable paper tea bag, making Co-op Food the first retailer to find a solution to the problem of plastic waste caused by the nation’s favourite beverage.

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We’re investing £50 million to cut the cost of everyday food at Co-op Food. On average more than 600 products now cost 14% less with savings of up to 40% to be made.

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From tomorrow, 30 August, anyone buying women’s sanitary products from Co-op will no longer pay VAT (value-added tax).

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I am absolutely delighted to be able to say that from today Co-op will be the only major UK food retailer to stock 100% British fresh meat – something no other major UK retailer can say.  And when I say 100%, I mean 100%. From our pork pies, to our tikka chicken masala ready meals, […]