Future of Food 2030 plan: how we’ll source food with care, treat people fairly as well as learn and celebrate together.

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Environment Manager, Iain Ferguson shares our latest innovation in our commitment to reduce single-use plastic in Co-op stores and packaging

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We’ve just refitted the mock-up Co-op shop at the DangerPoint safety centre in North Wales, helping local kids learn about personal safety and life skills.

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Senior Beer Buyer, Richard shares great news about the Co-op beers Co-op Members helped to shape by joining in #TheCoopWay

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Pork is outdoor bred

From July 2018, all of Co-op branded fresh pork, bacon, sausage, gammon and ham will be sourced from British outdoor, RSPCA Assured farms.

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Sarah, our Food Sustainability Manager answers your top questions on palm oil.

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A photo for - Farmers supplying the co-op are encouraging more bees into their natural habitat

Farmers supplying Co-op are encouraging bees back into their natural habitat by planting wildflowers.

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