Developing our food so it’s the best it can be is what our Delicious Food Team do. Product Developer, Kate, explains how we put the best of New York into our new Grandma Pizza range.

500 words approx. 3-4 minutes to read.

We’re celebrating 25 years of our partnership with Fairtrade and the impact it has on our producers around the world. Michael Fletcher, Co-op’s Retail Chief Commercial Officer, explains why Fairtrade is still so important and why Co-op is 100% committed to continuing to support it over the next 25 years and beyond.

500 words approx. 3-4 minutes to read.

We’ve been working with Co-op Members to find innovate ways to help reduce plastic at Co-op. Alice Leuenberger, explains how her winning suggestion will now be used for products in Co-op stores across the UK

285 words approx. 1 minute to read.

We’re reducing our use of plastic, and where we do use it, we are making it easy to recycle or reuse by 2023. Iain Ferguson, Environment Manager, shares how we’re doing this and how you can do your part.

500 words approx. 2.5 minutes to read.

Students from Co-op Academy Failsworth visited one of our British farmers, Huntapac Produce, to find out exactly what goes into a Co-op carrot (or parsnip, or cabbage). Operations Director, Will Hunter, tells us more.

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Our compostable carrier bags are currently in over 1,000 Co-ops, but to help reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, we want them in more! We’re calling on UK Government and English Local Authorities to speed up the rollout of food collections.

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We have committed to 100% sustainable soy to help stop deforestation, taking action from today. Sarah, Sustainable Sourcing & Fairtrade Manager, explains the impact this will have.

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