Young drivers get a raw deal. Expensive insurance, pricey cars and a scary driving test that doesn’t include driving on motorways, country roads or in bad weather. No wonder hundreds of thousands aren’t learning to drive at all. But the new Z generation needs personal mobility more than ever.  Jobs, university, interviews and a social […]

In a move designed to reduce young road deaths, Co-op Insurance is driving home the importance of safe driving to thousands of secondary school students. Nearly 25,000 people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads in the 12 months to March 2016 and according to Brake, the road safety charity, young drivers are far more […]

When was the last time you banged on the wall to tell your neighbours to keep the noise down or got frustrated by their pet pooch barking non-stop? A new study from Co-op Insurance has found that one in five Brits (19%) have been involved in a dispute with their neighbour in the last twelve […]

Welcome back to the Consumer Services Executive team who look after our Funeralcare, Legal Services and Insurance businesses. They’ve just finished a two-day road trip around Cumbria raising awareness and funds for British Red Cross to help tackle loneliness in our communities. Day one On Wednesday they had an 8am start making brews in return for donations […]

Calamitous canines called Charlie are more likely to be the victims of pet insurance claims according to data from Co-op Insurance. And if you’re after a lucky cat, be sure to never name it Oscar. With the average insurance claim for dogs amounting to £510 and cats £475, the need for owners to protect their animals from […]

The Co-operative Insurance Young Drivers Report

Young drivers have been sharing how family and friends impact the way they drive in Co-op Insurance’s Young People in the Driving Seat report. It may seem like young people, cars and loud music would be no surprise but it seems that the volume of the radio is directly related to who is in the […]

Unluckiest Pets - black dog

If you own a crossbreed cat called Oscar and live in London, or a Labrador dog called Alfie, chances are you may be taking a trip to the vet sometime soon. Analysis of our Insurance claims data has revealed that the unluckiest dogs in the UK are named Alfie, Charlie and Bella, whilst cats called […]