Co-op Local Community Fund – now open for new applications!

Thanks for joining in to recommend for funding a local cause that you care about.

Applications are open until 8 August 2018

Apply yourself

Our Local Community Fund is now accepting applications – you can find out a bit more by clicking the button below.

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Share with other people

If there’s a cause or causes in your local area that you’d like to encourage to apply, then feel free to copy the email template below and forward it to them, adding your name at the bottom.

Dear friend,

Apply now for funding from The Co-op’s Local Community Fund!

I’m a supporter of your organisation, and a member of the Co-op, so I thought that you may be interested in applying to the Co-op’s Local Community Fund.

Co-op members get 1% of everything they spend on selected Co-op products to give to one of the Co-op local causes in their community.

You can now apply to be one of these causes for the next round of funding, which runs from 12 November to October 2018.

The Co-op’s looking for three causes in our area and is keen to choose small and locally-based organisations, that:

  •  benefit the local community centred around Co-op food stores and funeral homes
  •  deliver the greatest possible benefits to their community
  •  make the best use of the amount of funding available

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in exploring, please apply by clicking here, applications open until 8 August 2017.

Good luck and best wishes!



More information

If you have any questions about or during the application process, please email