Co-op member Hannah designs Easter makeover for Crumbs 

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We’ve been working with Co-op members to give Crumbs, our gingerbread character, an Easter makeover. Hannah Chester explains the idea behind her winning design and how she felt seeing her creation come to life during a visit to our Northwich bakery.

Although I regularly visit my local Co-op store on Harrow Road in West London, I only recently became a member after learning that I can help support local causes in my community every time I shop.

When I received my first Join In email last October last year, I saw Co-op was looking for its members to design an Easter outfit for their gingerbread character, Crumbs.

As a fashion designer and a naturally creative person, I thought it would be fun to get involved, so I decided to enter the competition.

The brief was to take some inspiration from what I associate with Easter, so I decided to incorporate an Easter egg and some spring flowers to my design idea.

I also wanted the character to look fun and trendy – which is why I chose dungarees – and I thought it would be really cute to complete the look with a bow tie.

I told some of my friends that I had entered the competition and showed them my design. I honestly didn’t expect to win, and neither did they, so I was shocked and really happy when I did.

It was great to visit The Little Treats Bakery in Northwich and see my idea really come to life. It was nice to hear insight from staff at the factory and to see the gingerbread characters being made and packaged.

Although my design was a bit too detailed for a gingerbread biscuit, I was really happy to see the main elements of my original design could be replicated. It was really special to see my design being iced onto the gingerbread. That was definitely my favourite moment of the tour.

To know that there will be around 140,000 of my gingerbread design on Co-op shelves this Easter makes me feel very proud. It’s very flattering to see my name on the packaging too.

Before joining as a member, I hadn’t realised just how much Co-op involves it’s members in the things that they do.

I know I can’t win every time, but I will definitely be looking out for more opportunities to get involved in the future.

Hannah Chester

Co-op member