Co-op Members select new wine label design

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Thousands of Co-op Members have joined in to help choose a new label for our Members’ Choice Pioneer Pinot Grigio wine.

It’s now three years since bottles of the member-designed wine hit our shelves and, following on from the successful revamp of our Vermouth labels last year, our Beers, Wines and Spirits team were keen for members to get involved in deciding on a fresh new look for our Pinot Grigio too.

In July, we shared four potential label ideas with our members – all of which feature the iconic Californian brown bear from our original label design.

We took them through each design telling them the inspiration behind each one and asking for their first impressions, what they liked and what they didn’t like. Almost 14,000 members joined in to give each label a score out of five and to vote for their favourite.

With an overall score of 3.53, almost 55% of our members overwhelmingly chose the Sequoia Tree concept as their favourite.

Featuring a block print of the bear, the label pairs retro typography with the California state flag in fun contemporary colours.

Members were intrigued by the image with some having to look twice to discover the bear within the design.

“Clever picture – can’t tell at first whether it’s a landscape or a bear.”

Chris Dawes, Brixham

The typography went down well with most members with the colours particularly grabbing their attention.

“Brilliant this, best of both images with the colours to impress.”

Dave Hold, Colwyn Bay

However, some members suggested the label was a bit bland and didn’t stand out enough.

“From a distance, the design can seem a bit busy and blurs slightly.”

Rachel Parkinson, Manchester

With 22% of the vote and an overall score of 2.87, the Pioneer Tree label was our members’ runner-up.

This label celebrates the story of the ‘Pioneer Tree’: a giant sequoia tree famous in California, hollowed out at the bottom, which became a tourist spot.

Members said the splash of colour was eye-catching and the typography was strong, but many likened the label to that of a spirit bottle and struggled to understand the meaning behind the tree design.

“It looks more like a bourbon or whiskey label rather than wine.”

Rachel Faulkner-Jones, Dunfermline

Members were unsure on the Bear Flag and Retro Bear labels, scoring them 2.42 and 2.37 respectively.

Inspired by the official flag of California, the Bear Flag label is said to be reminiscent of retro Americana paired with a cool coastal colour palette.

While some members praised it’s simple, authentic American look and feel, many others felt it looked a bit washed out and likened it to a beer label.

“Not a fan – it’s a bit craft ale! The fonts look cheap too. Not a feeling of prestige here, although I like the colours.”

Hayden Allen-Vercoe, Cullompton

Featuring a block print of the grizzly bear, the Retro Bear label proved the least popular with members.

Pairing retro impactful typography with hints of the California state flag in fun contemporary colours, members liked the retro feel of the label but thought it was a bit too busy. The majority of members liked the presence of the bear, but suggested it looked too much like a child’s teddy bear.

“All the components (font, bear, colour scheme) are good but the design doesn’t seem to fit with it and looks odd.”

Lauren Rogers, Manchester

We are hugely grateful to the members who joined in to give us their thoughts on the four label designs. Your comments will really help us to shape and improve the look of our member-designed Pioneer Pinot Grigio wine.

We will now revisit the label designs and incorporate some of the feedback our members have given us as we look to give this special wine some extra shelf appeal in 2021.

Congratulations to one lucky member, Margaret Beaumont from Eastleigh, who won a case of wine just for sharing her views.

There are always opportunities for Co-op Members to get involved in shaping our Co-op. You can Join In by logging in to your online Membership account.

Head to your member account to see how you can join in today.

Caron Moore

Own Brand Design Team