Funeralcare Slack trial

Thank you for joining the Funeralcare Slack trial. We’re conducting this experiment to see if we can help better connect Funeralcare colleagues with one another using the tools of the internet.

We’ve had some success with Slack already, within the Digital team. Hundreds of Digital colleagues participate in our CoopDigital Slack channel. Read about how Michaela uses Slack to improve efficiencies when managing digital projects.

What’s Slack and how does it work?

Slack is an instant messaging service designed for business and is particularly useful for large and complex teams.

You use Slack like you would a text-message or instant-message service. You’re able to type messages to people who are part of the same team as you. You’re able to send direct messages on a 1-2-1 basis. You’re also able to participate in group chats, called Channels, too.

Slack is available as a downloadable application (app) for iPhone, Android and for Windows Phone in Beta (meaning its a test version). Slack is also able available to access in browser and as an app for Mac, Windows and other desktop and laptop operating systems.

How will the trial work?

We’re trialling Slack for the following manager’s teams:

  • Glasgow North (Catherine Hollinsworth)
  • Glasgow South (Mark Stewart)
  • Gasgow East (Graham Laird)
  • Paisley (Johnnie Boyle)
  • Dumbarton (Declan O’Donnell)
  • Greenock (Declan O’Donnell)
  • Shieldhall (Graham Dolan)
  • Aberdeen (Johnnie Boyle)
  • Maxwellton Street (Johnnie Boyle)

If you don’t know which of these teams you’re part of, please email us to find out. [INSERT EMAIL/CONTACT DETAIL]

Each manager will host a private team channel for their teams. Members of the social media team will administer these private team channels.

As well as your fellow Funeralcare colleagues from your team, colleagues from Funeralcare colleague communications will participate in the private team channel chat too.

In addition to these private team channels, all participants will be able to participate in the general channel to talk with each other as well as the feedback channel, where we’ll ask for your feedback on the trial.

There’ll be around XX participants in total.

Before you on-board

XXXXX around policy


  1. Join the Co-op Funeralcare Slack team.
  2. Once registered send a text message with your full name and which private slack channel you’re part (see above) or email
  3. Once we’ve processed your on-boarding you’ll find your team’s private team channel in your left-hand navigation window.
  4. You may want to download Slack for your relevant devices: iPhone, Android Windows Phone or Mac, Windows and other desktop and laptop operating systems. But, you’re also to access Slack in your browser without having to download anything.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at

Social Media Team