Hear what our members thought of our first online quiz

Our first online members’ quiz proved to be a huge hit with members, so we’re now inviting members to sign up and pen the questions for the next one.

During a recent wellbeing check in, members told us they were looking for new ways to connect. The idea of an online member quiz was popular, so, we listened and made it happen.

Last month, we ran a test with a small group of members and incorporated their feedback into our first official quiz, held via Zoom.

Almost 200 Co-op members from across the UK joined in to pit their knowledge against each other in four quiz rounds – food and drink, general knowledge, geography and sport.

And, in true Co-op participatory style, all the questions featured were submitted in advance by our members.

We caught up with some members to find out what they thought of the quiz.

That winning feeling

“It was so very enjoyable,” says winner Chris Lovelace, from Mitcham, who was ‘chuffed’ with his first-place finish and £50 prize.

“As the rounds and questions went on, and it emerged I was still in with a chance, I became more and more nervous.

“Once the big reveal of the final scores arrived, and I realised I’d won, I felt tremendous.”

Adrian Prandle from London, teamed up with wife, Jess, and was pleased with their second-placed finish.

“We disagreed about whether the 15-second timer to answer questions was good, but I think it worked in our favour.”

Feedback from members

Described as fun, friendly, interactive and well-organised, members liked the variety of questions and the multiple-choice format of the quiz.

“It gives everyone a chance – even if they don’t know the answer. The interactivity of selecting an answer and seeing instantly the distribution of participants’ responses made it all a lot less dry than just having someone read out a series of questions,” said Chris.

“Four, 10-question rounds across an hour provides the right composition and variety. The extra trivia delivered around the answers showed the effort that had gone into it all too.”

Joining in with her second quiz after winning the test version, Jacqui Smith, was impressed with the platform used to deliver the quiz.

“The quicker you answer the questions, the more points you get. It just feels really motivating,” she said.

“I was surprised to win as I wasn’t even in the top 10 after the first round,” agreed third-placed winner, Lisa West from Durham.

Chance to get involved

We used the breaks between rounds to ask our quizzers to feed back on a couple of business issues we’re currently engaging members on – such as what they thought about wine in cans, as well as inviting comments on the quiz itself.

“The Co-op features in between quiz rounds worked well. My wife Jess was surprised to see wine buyer Sarah Benson in the video, who it turned out she went to school with, and they’re now back in touch,” said Adrian.

“It was interesting to see what’s in development,” said Sean Sweeney. “A little more about Co-op’s ethos would be great too.”

Connecting with others

During the quiz, members were able to communicate with each other and the Co-op team using the Zoom chat function.

Lisa enjoyed the social aspect of the event, while Jessikah McCarthy – who joined the quiz with her family to celebrate her husband’s birthday – loved the “good community vibe.”

As well as cash prizes for those members finishing first, second and third, there were also spot prizes up for grabs.

“It was a nice touch to offer extra prizes through a random draw. I was so surprised to hear my number get called out and happy to win some wine,” said Vicki Holtom from Stratford upon Avon.

Sharing new ideas

Members gave us ideas for a few different rounds too – including entertainment, film and TV, music and lyrics, topical news, history and politics, definitions of unusual words, numerical challenges and picture rounds.

Sending out snacks to participants who sign up early and prizes for quickest to answer were among the tips given for improving the quiz.

With some members unfamiliar with the technology, it was also suggested that Co-op could produce a quiz-specific video guide to show participants how to use Zoom, so we’ve now got that in production.

What’s happening next?

When members were asked if they’d join in with another Co-op quiz, Chris enthusiastically replied: “I don’t need a multiple choice for that one, yes!”

If you missed out on our first online members’ quiz, or if you enjoyed it and want to have another go , make sure you register for the next quiz which will take place on 5 August at 8pm. Members can find out more and sign up here.

Mark Robinson-Field
Member Participation Manager