Help us create a new holiday insurance product

You’re about to jet off on a trip of a lifetime. You’ve been saving up, will be checking-in to some pretty fabulous places and have devoured TripAdvisor to create a rather awe-inspiring itinerary.

Whether you’re embarking on gap year travels, a honeymoon or a holiday to celebrate your retirement you’ll probably want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered if your best-laid plans don’t quite pan out.

Amazingly, 1 in 5 British holidaymakers head off without insurance. And many more fly away with insurance that probably doesn’t meet their needs.

I want to understand what kind of protection you’re looking for as my team set about creating a new travel insurance product for members.

In particular, I’m keen to hear from you if you’re over 50 and have struggled to get good quality insurance because of medical conditions or your age.

I’d also love to hear from you if you’ve been a gap year traveller, or taken out insurance to cover your child’s gap year.

Please share your experiences with us and other members, so we can start to build a product that works better for everyone.

Colin Butler, Head of Partnerships, Co-op Insurance

Join the conversation! 8 Comments

  1. I would like to see annual insurance that covers pre booked train trips – you might be visiting friends and so no have pre-booked accommodation – they can be quite expensive and to get cheaper fares you have to book a long time in advance – you might go down with the flu and be unable to travel by the time the journey arrives.

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  2. Too many insurance companies think that anyone over 50 must be decrepit and about to keel over. I have met many people over 80 still travelling and able to cope with basic conditions -staying in yurts in Central Asia, for example – and, conversely, many half their age who are completely unfit

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  3. Following on from the above, winter sports cover is often not available if over 65, and you often need that if you are travelling off the beaten track. Walking on a glacier in Summer seems to be counted as a Winter Sport! It is also often a no-no if you are travelling – not even trekking – at heights above 2500 metres. When in Bolivia I started at 3000.

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  4. I and my husband have been penalised by a bank travel insurance company for taking more than one medication for a medical condition. I have ulcerative colitis and it is very well managed but with two medications. I would like the medical condition to be covered no matter how many medications you take for it.


  5. i have the co-op travel insurance but am having problems getting to it could you help me please




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