How members helped us launch our new Co-op app

Christmas has come early for all the thousands of members who are making weekly savings on their shopping, using the Co-op app that they helped to develop.

Thousands of members have been working with our Digital team to help develop the app, which launched in September to make it easier for members to use Co-op Offers.

From savings on your lunchtime sandwich to money off your favourite bottle of wine, the smartphone app lets members see and choose offers online rather than relying on paper coupons.

Last year we asked members to trial the app and give feedback on receiving, choosing and redeeming offers. Around 16,000 of you got involved.

We caught up with three members who are now using the app to find out how it’s going and what it’s like to have helped create it.

“The app is really easy to use, and it picks up on the things that I buy regularly, like Co-op fresh fruit and yogurts,” says Gill, who often adds her offers to her card while shopping in her local Plymouth store.

“It’s great because when I’m shopping in store – or even when I’m in the queue at the checkout – I just tap on the app, have a look at my offers and add them to my card instantly.”

David agrees and says the app means he no longer worries about missing out on offers in his local Cumbria store.

“I used to get printed coupons at the checkout for products that I buy regularly but I would often lose them, or they would expire before I remembered to use them.

“Now I click on the app on a Monday and all the new offers for the week are there, and most are personalised for me. The app even remembers my password, which is a bonus too.”

Adrian, who regularly shops in his local London store, is also impressed with the number of offers he can choose from.

“I find the app simple to use and with eight offers available there’s usually at least two that appeal to me.

“If I see a random product with some discount it may also sway me to try something new or buy from Co-op rather than somewhere else too.”

Gill says the app is also helping her become more of a savvy shopper.

“I will often buy a product even if I don’t need it that week because I know I’m saving money in the long run.”

David agrees and says using the app means he is regularly saving more than a £1 on a few items each week.

“There is often some bigger savings too, so it’s well worth it.”

Discussing the initial testing of the app, Gill says she struggled to find enough offers that appealed to her.

“At one point during the trial, I could only pick one offer from a choice of four, but I didn’t feel that was enough choice, so I fed that back to the team. Now it’s perfect as I can always find two offers to use each week.”

But it was redeeming offers in store that caused Adrian an issue.

“I think I was probably the only member trialling the app in my local store.

“It caused a bit of confusion with staff because they didn’t understand why savings were being automatically applied to items at the checkout, but this was quickly resolved.”

Overall, members were pleased to have been given the opportunity to get involved in the trial.

“It made me feel valued and that my opinion mattered,” says Gill.

The Co-op app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. We are working hard to improve the app further to include instore deals and even recipes, so keep an eye out for new features in the future.

And if you’d like to get involved in your Co-op right now, head to your member account and take a look at the opportunities we have available.

Joel Godfrey
Digital Offers team

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