Difficulties dealing with your insurance provider?

Insurance can be complex. And if you’re a member with a physical or learning disability, health issue, or someone going through a stressful or tough period, communicating with an insurer can be even more challenging.

We’d love to hear from you if you have had difficulty in dealing with an insurance company or because of your needs or situation at a certain time. We hope to learn from you, so we can build an approach that ensures that you’ll always get great customer service and the support you need, whatever your circumstances.

Some important things you need to know…

    1. We’re particularly keen to hear from Co-op members whose circumstances may have made the whole process of dealing with a financial services business more difficult.
    2. If you’re a carer of someone who may have faced such difficulties and would like to share their experience, we’d really welcome your input too.

Online survey

We’ve created a simple survey – click here to begin. If you have difficulty accessing or completing this survey, please email us at joinin@coop.co.uk and we’ll look at other ways to get you involved.


If you’d prefer to be emailed a copy of the questionnaire, would rather talk through your experiences over the phone or contribute in some other way, please email us at joinin@coop.co.uk and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange this.

Thank you for joining in!