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*Please note: Tips for fundraising on a low budget is no longer taking place on Thursday 1st November.

Once a week for 11 weeks, experts will air live-streamed online tutorials on Co-op’s YouTube channel, sharing their skills with local causes, Member Pioneers and anyone who wants to make great things happen in their community.

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Recap of the livestreams so far

How to create content for social media by Christian Guerreiro

Get the best from your Facebook page by Siobhan Hancock

How to create videos on a low budget by Ben Brosnan

How to write a Social Media Policy by Jordan McDowell

How to promote your involvement in the Local Community Fund by April and Kevin

Tips from a Co-op Member Pioneer by Claire Penny

Blogging for Beginners by Cat Storey

Instagram for beginners by Jen Bowden

Twitter for beginners by Scott Bennett-Pearce

For the full playlist of videos visit Co-op YouTube

What to expect from our online tutorials

Our expert hosts’ skills range from digital and social media to charitable fundraising. Our series can be seen in the photo schedule below and will cover everything to help you build and leverage your online community. All live streams will take place at 6pm

*Please note: Tips for fundraising on a low budget is no longer taking place on Thursday 1st November.

How to get involved

The online tutorials and have been created by in-house by Co-op Colleagues and volunteers so you can watch it from anywhere and any device that supports Youtube. You will be invited to participate through the email you receive from our Communities team and through our Co-op Communities Facebook Group

  1. Join our Co-op Communities Facebook Group, go to the events section and join the next Facebook event to receive reminders of upcoming online tutorials. Make sure to join the conversation in the Facebook Group afterward so we can continue the conversation
  2. Subscribe to Co-op’s YouTube channel and make sure you are logged in on the day, so you can ask the experts questions in the live chat and share your own skills. If you are not logged into your YouTube account you can still watch the live stream but you won’t be able to participate with the community and help others in the comment section of the stream
  3. Share your own skills in the Co-op Communities Facebook Group, whether you have great tips for using social media or can simply provide advice to inspire people wanting to make great things happen in their community

We encourage you to participate in the live streamed events for your chance to ask our experts questions there and then and to help other community members with their questions. If you can’t make it join our Co-op Communities Facebook Group where we will be continuing the conversation. If you miss a tutorial don’t worry, the live stream will be added to our YouTube playlist the following day.

More about our online tutorials

The online tutorials are free of charge and designed to help our local causes, Member Pioneers and Co-op Colleagues to develop their online potential to help their local communities. Each will be 5 – 10 minutes long, clear, jargon-free and aimed at beginners with an enthusiasm to learn more.

We aim to cover all the areas relevant to you and provide an opportunity for you to ask the experts any questions you may have on the subject. If you don’t hear about everything you want to know and want to make a request for future live streams we will be sending out a feedback form in November and if you would like to get involved in future and potential host a live stream please email us on

Siobhan Hancock
Digital Engagement team

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