Members inspire fresh new look for Co-op Vermouth

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Hundreds of Co-op Members have joined in to help redesign the bottle labels for our Co-op Vermouth range to give our wines more shelf appeal.

Following the successful member‑inspired revamp of our exclusive Covanegra wine label, our Beers, Wines and Spirits team were keen for members to get involved in developing a fresh new look for the labels for our bottles of Vermouth Rosso, Vermouth Extra Dry and Vermouth Bianco.

In April, members reviewed and shared feedback on the current labels and put forward ideas for what the new labels should look like.


More than half of members said the current labels lacked imagination – typically describing them as a little old fashioned, cheap, and perhaps a bit boring. Other key feedback from members was that the labels were too cluttered and lacked dietary information.

More positively, many members liked the use of colour to identify the Vermouth varieties.

“I think they look old fashioned. Like something I would find in the back of my grandparents’ spirit trolley.” Rachel Tonge, Bolton

“Looks a bit ‘pubby’ due to the font used, there are lots of beers that use similar designs.” Nick Marshall, Chichester

Unimpressed with the current label, almost a fifth (18%) of members said they wouldn’t look at the bottle twice. It was time for a redesign.

The clear steer from members was the need for an eye-catching modern label with imagery that reflected the botanicals used in creating the Vermouth. They wanted a label with a touch of class which also gave a nod to the wine’s Italian heritage. It needed to be a trendy yet simple design with vibrant colours and a prominent Co-op logo to ensure the bottle stood out on shelves.

“Having a design using botanical designs so it depicts its origins and what it is made from.” Kathia Gleeson, Horsham

“Something classier that alludes to the Italian heritage.” Carol Johnsen, Cramlington

Armed with these ideas, we set about creating some concept designs and, in June, we asked members to tell us which of the three revamped labels they preferred.

Vermouth image

With 57% of the vote, members overwhelmingly chose this concept as their favourite.

Members liked the use of colour and the botanicals design, describing the revamped label as on trend, classy and unique. They told us it looked fresh and inviting, and thought it would stand out on the shelf.

Overall, 78% said the new design was an improvement on the original label, scoring it an average of 7 out of 10.

“Very different to other brands, makes it look a bit posher and like something you wouldn’t mind bringing out at a party.” Susan Mckenzie, Dundee

“Really like it. Looks classy and unique but still classic and easily identifiable. Colours look good and not so solid as previous design.” Dionne Ward, Dunblane

“This looks a lot better. Much more on trend and looks fresh and inviting. Definitely would stand out on the shelf.” Stephen Batchen, Glasgow

We used further feedback from this second stage to tweak the design slightly, arriving at the final design that you can see at the top of this post.

We are hugely grateful to the members who joined in to give us their thoughts and ideas. It has really helped us shape and improve our Vermouth range. We feel we now have a great new label which will give these special wines some much needed shelf appeal.

The member-inspired label is now in production and will start hitting shelves later this month, so keep an eye out for the newly-labelled Vermouth bottles next time you’re in store.

There are always opportunities for Co-op Members to get involved in shaping our Co-op. You can Join In by logging in to your online Membership account.

Sarah Benson,
Co-op wine buyer

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