Now check out NOW COOK IT!

Thanks for joining in to feedback on our fantastic NOW COOK IT! online course, that we’ve cooked up with our friends at SORTEDfood.

We’d really love you to sign up, skill up and get whipping up some wonderful foodie offerings, so that you graduate from the course as commander of your kitchen.

But how you engage with the site is ultimately up to you.

  • If you’ve an eye for web design, tell us what you think about the website.
  • If you’re an absolute cooking novice, check out the skills videos and see if you can take on your first recipe.
  • Or if you’re already a bit of a cooking machine, take a look at the ‘showboating’ skills and see if you can raise your culinary bar a notch.

And, when you’ve had a good look at the site, and maybe had a go at some of the recipes, make sure to share your feedback using the ‘Contact us’ link that appears at the bottom of each page. We’ll use it to keep improving the site.

Click here to head over to NOW COOK IT! Happy cooking!

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