Our hidden history

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Working in the Co-op’s Property team in our Manchester support centre, helping ensure our new stores open to support communities across the UK, means that it’s easy to forget that we actually manage around 6,000 properties across the country. Some old, some new, but many have interesting stories behind them. Here are two that I recently discovered.

Preserving our past…

The Co-op in Horbury, West Yorkshire has been at the heart of the community since the 1800s, sometimes in very unexpected ways. The first floor was actually used as a cinema between 1912 and 1930. It’s great to see that the store was recently refitted so that it’s able to continue to serve the local community for years to come.

…for future generations

Food stores and funeral homes make up the majority of our estate, but we also own other kinds of property.

For example we own farmland in Cheshire that is home to some Nissen huts – small buildings with corrugated iron rooves – which were used during the Second World War.

We approached fifty heritage organisations before Lincs Aviation Heritage Centre (LAHC) took up the challenge of helping us restore the huts. Together we were able to ensure that nine of the huts were fixed, dissembled and transported to LAHC where they will soon form part of their permanent exhibition.

Amelia Cargo,
Co-op Property