I crafted a beer which tackles water poverty and now we’re stocked in 90 Co-op stores. Here’s our story.

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Our Co-op has donated £50,000 to support our Fairtrade farmers affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, this is in addition to the £50,000 we donated to Co-operatives UK emergency appeal, to fund development in the most in-need countries.

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As our politicians argue over free market versus state control, don’t forget there’s another way. They’re called Co-ops. Our Co-op Group CEO shares his thoughts.

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Last week the Co-op sponsored the Campaign to End Loneliness ‘Kindness Can: A Positive Future for Loneliness’ conference.

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An update on our efforts to make all Co-op food packaging easy to recycle.

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So how are we doing so far this year?
Well if you’re reading this and you’re a member of our Co-op then it’s good news.

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Our Co-op has agreed to give a £50,000 donation to Co-operatives UK’s emergency appeal – to fund co-operative development in the most affected and in-need countries. Money raised through the appeal will be distributed directly to co-operatives on the ground, through the International Co-operative Alliance.

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