After the year we’ve had, there’s never been a more important time to support your community, and there are so many ways you can do it with Co-op!

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Marcus Rashford shares his new campaign to help tackle child food poverty and how Co-op is helping to make a difference.

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From climate change to food poverty, discover the motions our members can vote on at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Don’t forget to watch online too.

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Afia rounds up some of her favourite Ramadan recipes, which showcase her passion for Bangladeshi food.

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When it comes to home gardening, the compost you use is crucial to ensuring your fledgling plants have the nutrients they need to grow. But many are filled with peat, an organic material that is being extracted from peatlands, which is damaging the environment and contributing to climate change.

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Our Fairtrade Easter eggs have had a makeover this year, by removing the plastic packaging… Junior product developer Emily Haworth explains what makes Co-op’s delicious Easter range better for the planet.

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Co-op Members share what they think of the virtual events we’ve hosted over the past 12 months to help support their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Thousands of Co-op Members have joined in to tell us how much they love our exclusive membership deals and weekly offers as we explore ways to make them even better.

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After almost a year living with social distancing measures, we asked members to tell us again how they were feeling and to share what they’ve been doing to stay as well as possible over the past 12 months.Here’s what they said.

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Spring means lighter days, warmer walks and, most importantly, lots of new fruit and veg to enjoy! So, what’s best on the menu right now?

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