This weekend our nation will come together to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. CEO, Steve Murrells shares how our colleagues of yesterday responded to the challenges of the Great War and how we’re thinking about what lessons we can learn from our forebears.

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Co-op Members joined forces with members of Neighbourhood Watch to help us track down the UK’s best neighbours for our Neighbour of the Year Awards. Find out which wonderful people have been announced as our regional and national winners.

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Co-op Members have joined in #TheCoopWay to create the first ever member-designed pizza, which will hit shelves in 2019. They told us about their favourite pizzas, put forward ideas for new recipes and told us which of the two shortlisted pizzas they preferred. We can now reveal the winning pizza.

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Chief Membership Officer, Matt thanks our Co-op Members because together we’ve raised an amazing amount for local causes #TheCoopWay

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Co-op Group CEO, Steve Murrells shares more about the 4,000 local causes that have just become part of the Local Community Fund #TheCoopWay

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Out-going CEO of Co-op Academies Trust shares advice for candidates applying for his former role

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Find out how Co-op Members are helping more children and young people with improved community spaces featured in our TV ad

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