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What is Social Hub?
Social Hub features exclusive social media content, from current campaigns to the latest news articles and Colleague Stories.

Want some help sharing content? Click here for step-by-step tutorials.

When/where should I use it?
Social Hub is a voluntary tool to help colleagues share Co-op news and talk about Co-op on their personal social media accounts. Social Hub is not supported by Co-op devices and networks, and should only be logged in to on your own personal device, outside of work hours. Please remember to follow the Co-op Colleague Social Media Policy when you share.

How do I login?
Social Hub is accessed by connecting one of your social media accounts. You will then need to be approved by one of the Co-op Social Media Team – we will aim to do this within 3 working days. You’ll be asked some screener questions and to input an email address so we can let you know about any exciting Social Hub updates.

I’m having trouble logging in.
Click ‘Problems signing in?’ and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you still experience problems, try using a different browser or clearing your cache/cookies, and refreshing the page.

What mobiles & browsers are supported?
Social Hub is compatible with the current version and one most recent version of FireFox, Safari, and Chrome browsers on both Mac, PC and Smartphone. Internet Explorer is not supported but Microsoft Edge is.

What about my privacy?
Social Hub does not collect data from individuals accounts.

How do I connect my Social Media accounts?

In the top right hand corner, you will see your profile picture for the Social Media account you used to register.

Click on this, select ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Accounts’ to view all of your connected accounts.


From there, use the + icon next to each platform to connect your accounts and begin sharing.

How do I share content?

Click on the arrow beneath the piece of content you wish to share.

You will then be able to choose which platform you would like to share this to.

Note: For Twitter and Linkedin, we will always populate the text box with some suggested copy for you to use, including any hashtags and handles that you should include. However, we would always encourage you to tweak this to make it sound more personable to you, and help your friends and family understand why you are sharing it.

If you would like a more detailed overview of how to share to the different platforms, click here.

I want to share the content to a profile that isn’t listed?

Content is sometimes only designed for one or two of the platforms, for example, it may be relevant for Twitter only and not Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin. If the platform you wish you share the content to does not appear on the list, this is likely due to it not being available on that platform, and doesn’t mean your accounts have become disconnected.

I still need help, who do I contact?
Send a Twitter DM to the Social Media Team @coopukcolleague OR on Facebook, or email and we’ll come back to you.

Please follow the Co-op Colleague Social Media Policies every time you share on social media.

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