Serving Cambridge’s student population

We have ambitious plans to expand our convenience store estate across the UK. We plan to open 100 shops in 2017 and beyond. We consider all locations, both leaseholds and freeholds, as well as existing groups and businesses. We’re competitive, quick to respond and happy to retain introducing agents. If you’ve got something you think we’d be interested in, get in touch.

We’ve invested over £8 million in 13 shops in central and eastern England this year, with another 12 to open before the end of 2017. We’ve opened new Co-ops across the region, including city locations in Nottingham, Norwich and Cambridge.

Each of these stores is different – from a unit in a new student development, to a new build shop on a pub car park – but each provides customers and members with delicious food, right around the corner from where they live.

UNP Co Op 36938 Mitcham's Corner Cambridge005

Serving Cambridge’s student population

At the end of June we opened a shop in the new student development in Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge. Students are important customers to us, they need fairly-priced fresh food at fair prices at convenient times. Around 10% of our stores are in student areas and we’re always on the lookout for new locations where we can be at the heart of local life.

As with all of our shops, we tailor the products we stock to the needs of the local community– at Mitcham’s Corner that means breakfast and lunch meal deals, as well as ingredients to rustle up a quick and tasty dinner. Students also benefit from a 10% NUS Extra discount on top of our membership scheme, which puts 5% back into members’ accounts every time they buy own-brand products.

What do students and other local residents think?

On launch day, the local paper popped down to the shop; here’s what local people had to say:

The new Co-op’s really good, it’s got nice wide aisles and a good range of products on offer.”

 I think the new Co-op is absolutely fantastic. I am a bit biased because I live behind it. But it’s just really convenient.”

 “I live in Student Castle so for me it’s very good. Really easy to get to.”