At Co-op, we’ve always supported the UK farming industry and promoted British food. We know that you care about where your food comes from and that animal welfare, the environment and fairness in the supply chain are important to you. Co-op CEO, Richard Pennycook often visits our suppliers across the country and last he month […]

The weather is always a hot topic in Britain thanks to its unpredictability. But does the weather effect your buying habits? Our latest convenience report shows that when the temperature rises, so do sales on the high street. Summertime is a season when we typically spend less time cooking and planning our meals and more […]

Fairtrade Red Wines

Know your Merlot from your Rioja and Sangiovese from your Syrah? You’re not alone. Our latest research shows that 88% of the population claim to be a “wine buff”. Over the past 10 years interest in wine has dramatically increased and the average Brit now spends £19 on wine every week. 7 out of 10 […]

Once notorious for being Popeye’s favourite meal, spinach has become ever present in dishes in restaurants and in our fridges at home, and for good reason. Rich in vitamin A, iron and calcium, spinach is a versatile vegetable that works well in many dishes. Spinach is available year-round, but it’s at its best and most easily […]

Fairtrade Easter Eggs

Here at the Co-op, we love Fairtrade and we love chocolate. Good-quality, ethically sourced chocolate. Which is why, in 2002, we became the first (and still only) UK retailer to switch our entire own-brand chocolate bar range to Fairtrade. Fast-forward to 2016 and we’ve done the same with our own-brand chocolate Easter eggs, which means you can treat family and friends safe in the knowledge that you’re […]

We are committed to help improve the health of the nation. We do this by making it easier for customers to make healthier choices with clear front of pack nutrition labelling and reformulating our products to make them healthier, whilst maintaining the great taste. As part of this commitment, our development teams and suppliers have been working hard […]

The Co-operative Food Carrier Bag

Carrier bags are the talk of the town! For some the carrier bag levy has been a welcomed change and one they have been waiting for. For others the change has been a little confusing or difficult to remember – there are many of us who have been stumped at the checkout when realising we’d forgotten our bag for life! Since the introduction […]