Tell us what you want for your Co-op

Hi, my name’s Mary McGuigan and I’m a representative for the North West on the Co-op’s National Members’

So first of all I’d like to say thanks to everyone who voted, not just for me, for all Council members.

The thing I love about the Co-op is that as members we’re all owners of the business and as well as giving us benefits like exclusive deals and offers it means that we can also have a say in how our business is run.

However, with 3.4million active members it would be hard to hear us all if we tried to speak all at once. So the Co-op’s solution is the Members’ Council; 100 members, just like you, elected by you, to represent you.

To make sure that we do that in the best way possible we want to have a chat with you, albeit virtually, about what’s important to you.

We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to ask any questions, give us your feedback and share your hopes for the Co-op by commenting below and my Council colleagues and I will reply.

We’re really looking forward to hearing what you think.

Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. One thing I did not vote I would like to say get security guards in your stores staff are not security guards deal with out dated broken down tills and more staff . Iamy sure this will fall on deaf ears


  2. The security of our colleagues is of paramount importance to us. We do employ security guards when there is a need to but generally they aren’t required in all stores. Do you have a specific concern that I can investigate for you? That applies to your comment on tills too. Thanks for getting in touch.


  3. David,
    As I am a member of the Members Council, I’m interested to know and understand better why you did not vote in the fun up tO the AGM.
    If you’d rather give me your views on a one to one basis my email address is
    I’d love to hear from you.
    Frank Nelson


  4. David
    Apologies for the typo yesterday… I was inputting it from my new fancy phone!
    What I meant to say, which is still the case, is;
    “I’m interested to know and better understand why you did not vote in the run up (not fun up) to the AGM.”



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