The driving force that helps Co-op grow

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My job as a Regional Location Analyst is to find the best locations where a new Co-op would benefit the local community. I also look at our existing stores to see if they’re still in the ideal location to serve the needs of our customers.

Last year, we opened 100 new stores and so our team were kept busy looking at all the factors which make a great convenience location. Needless to say these stores are doing very well. Our like-for-like sales grew by 3.4% in 2018, beating the wider food retail market by over 1% and it’s such a great feeling to be part of the driving force behind it.

I’m tasked with crunching the numbers and making ethical decisions

Co-op is different to other retailers, we look beyond the numbers. It’s important to us to make the right choice for the community and to consider the implications to our members in any decision we make. It’s not all about turnover and profit, which is why I love my job.

It felt quite natural for me to discover the world of property. When I came to live in Manchester I discovered some of the most wonderful industrial architectural styles, inspiring me to take a Masters in Urban Regeneration and join a Graduate programme through another retailer. I then moved to Co-op 4 years ago and have become an expert in my field, supporting and setting the strategy, opening new stores, optimising existing stores and leading high profile projects.

“There is no greater feeling than visiting a new Co-op store you helped open and witnessing the physical result of your efforts, the thought that went into finding the right store for the community and the tailored design. No two sites are ever the same.”

Balancing personal development and life outside work

Co-op have encouraged me onto the Shining Stars Leadership Programme, giving me the tools and exposure to other parts of the business through a series of Masterclasses and business projects.

I have room to grow and have more responsibility than I’ve ever had before. I love my job because it’s exciting, it’s varied, I can work flexibly and I work hand in hand with a huge range of people, from Acquisitions Managers to Asset Managers, finding new store opportunities and understanding our existing ones better.

I have a great team around me, motivating me every step of the way and I am encouraged to take the time to understand what communities want from a convenience store, to provide a store that fits the communities we serve perfectly.

Adam Tracy
Regional Location Analyst