Transferable skills and self-belief are all you need

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What I like most about working in the Co-op Property team is that you don’t have to come from a property background. Transferable skills are just as powerful and two years ago when I joined the team as a Portfolio Change and Planning Manager, I was instantly recognised for what I could bring to the role.

Having those essential portable skills

I’ve always been quite curious about working in different environments. Before I joined the Co-op I took on numerous short term contracts in both public and private sectors, exploring how different businesses manage and deliver projects and change activity.

I quickly gained so much worldly knowledge from this and I advocate it. I gained invaluable behavioural transferable skills that in my opinion are just as important as direct experience in a role, if not more.

Of all the places I’ve worked in, Co-op Property has excited me simply through our rapid expansion plans and growth of our team. We’re responsible for opening and managing more properties every day and it’s my job to make sure the processes we have in place are helping us remain efficient.

I forecast, track and collaborate with colleagues to ensure we, in the property team, are focusing and delivering on the right things and we have everything they need to do our jobs well. Right now, I’m working on compelling future technological developments in our team.

I love working in strategy, making sure our business plans are delivered and executed with my colleagues best interests in mind.

Be yourself always

I’m passionate about creating an inclusive culture inside and outside of work. It’s important to me that everyone around me is treated equally, regardless of skill or background. I want people to be empowered by the potential they have.

This is why I’m chair of Barlow Moor Community Association where we run work placements, youth clubs and volunteering programmes to help expose people to new things. I also teach free yoga classes to a diverse range of people to support relaxation and mental health awareness.

To be successful you don’t have to tick every box, just be confident in what you can do, be curious and make new connections. Overcoming self-doubt opens us up to new worlds and possibilities.

Clover Hudson
Portfolio Change and Planning Manager