We look after our landlords

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You’ve heard of the saying – time is money. Well it’s nice to say we don’t focus on time. We take an extra month or two to build relationships with landlords, we’re respectful, we never cut corners and we always make sure we do things properly.

I’m a Consents Manager for Co-op Property and I love being a point of contact for our landlords, building great relationships with them and keeping landlords in the loop with what is happening in our stores.

A better experience for landlords

With over 70% of our portfolio being leasehold, landlords play a significant role in the success of our business. I’m tasked with making sure our landlords are aware and have given approval to everything that happens with our properties, from structural alterations, to signage changes, to the fitting of an air vent – no job is too big or too small.

Relationship building and communication are the two most important parts of my role and it’s essential I’m there for our landlords, as a contact throughout the entire project.

I’m busier now than ever. We’re opening new stores every week and we’re refitting our established stores with our current branding. It’s a very interesting time to work in Co-op Property.

We have a huge variety of buildings in our portfolio including many listed buildings, and I like to make sure every case is handled with the care and sensitivity it needs.

A bright future with Co-op

Right now, I love being the resident expert of consents and the go to person for our growing team.

I have worked for Co-op for over 8 years. I started as a temp in 2009 working with the legal team, became permanent shortly after Co-op acquired Somerfield in 2011 and I’ve never looked back. In that time, I worked on a huge project with the property team to make our archive digitally available.

It sometimes involved scanned in reams of paperwork, lots of them deeds for properties. I learned a lot in this process and I’m no stranger to new challenges, I knew I wanted to continue working at Co-op.

I’m one of those people with multiple areas of interest – writing, rugby and helping people. I have always had a passion for writing and I studied for a Masters Degree in Journalism, at Salford University. This led to me writing for Mancunians Rugby League and for Forty20 magazine.

In my ninth year of being a Co-op colleague, I’m still not sure what department my career will lead me next, but I’m excited about it and I know it will be with Co-op.

Chris Best
Consents Manager