We’re looking for London and South East locations

We’re growing rapidly and are looking for leasehold or freehold sites of up to 10,000 sq ft. gross and existing businesses with a net sales area of over 1,500 sq ft. We’re competitive, quick to respond and happy to retain introducing agents.

If you’ve got a site you think we’d be interested in, please email us at food.property@coop.co.uk


Our team of acquisitions managers are going to open over 100 new stores across the UK this year and hundreds more after that. We’re growing because more people are choosing to shop with us than ever before – the average shopper now visits a Co-op twice a week. We also make a difference to communities through our Membership scheme. Our members now get 5% back on own-brand products and services, with a further 1% going directly to local causes chosen by them.

Although we’re opening shops all over the country, London and the South East are particularly important for us. People there tend to shop little and often, more so than anywhere else in the country, so our business is perfectly placed to meet their needs.

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What are shoppers looking for?

Consumer research that we’ve done in London shows that convenience is important for shoppers, both in terms of the type of products people are looking for and the experience they expect. Just over a third of people said they would only return to a shop if it was quick and easy to shop in and two in five said that they expect to find what they’re looking for every time, no excuses.

What are our plans?

We’re putting a lot of focus on London on the South East and have recently expanded our team so we can open more new shops there than ever before. Last year we invested around £25 million in the region and this year we’re planning to open over 40 stores in the capital and surrounding counties.