We’re opening 100 new Co-ops in 2019

We recently announced that we’re opening over 100 new stores across the UK this year. We’re also refitting 200 more. Why is this important? Opening the right stores in the right places helps us get closer to our customers and members, what they need and what they care about.

Our first few new shops of the year are already open and serving their communities – we’ll have opened seven in total by the end of January

Here’s just a snapshot of the different ways that our new stores will benefit customers,
members and communities across the country.

  •  £200 million
    The amount we’re investing to make sure our new and refitted stores meet the needs of our customers, colleagues, members and communities.
  • 500
    The number of new jobs we’re creating for local people
  • 700
    The number of miles between one of our most northerly new stores, in
    Aberdeenshire, and the one of the most southerly, in Cornwall.
  • 400
    By the end of 2019, we’ll have opened 400 new stores in four years, more than any other UK food retailer.
  • 40
    We’re opening around 40 new stores in London and the South East, including Baker Street Station’s Co-op, our first store in a tube station.

Tony Hind,
Head of Acquisitions and Development